Califone - Your Golden Ass Lyrics

Writer(s) : Rutili, Temistoclas Hugo / Becker, James / Massarella, Benedetto / Adamik, Joseph F
Artist: Califone Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
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Early minor japanese pitcher sidearm slow tic
A wolfish mouth
On a mouse-ish face lady from shanghai 3rd man
Shot wild in the house of mirrors
Vicodin itch bite your lip take it all in
But it ain't sticking it ain't sticking it ain't sticking it ain't sticking

Speed and grace traded tea lites for an irish womb
Don't you get only what you ask for every time everytime
Comeback comeback comeback come
Make your make your make your motion
Corn your crown your crown your crown your
Crown your crown your golden ***

Blackbirds in formation blown
Like thumbtacks spilling across a marble sky
The key slides like olive oil into the lock
Into the lock
Mean old sun baring down mothers milk
Breathe in for me bloood orange in an amaretto pool
Don't you get only what you ask for everytime

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