Callalily - The Final Song Lyrics

Artist: Callalily Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Destination XYZ
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Tired of looking at your photographs
Smiling at your latest craze
You can change the things you say and do
But nothing can change the fact
That you are sadly deranged
And i want nothing to do with you
No more hot tears and pride
No more bloodshed this time
*I'm moving on to a better place
Nightmares don't arrive when i see your face
Cannot hold on to a bittter past
Candles like us were never meant to last
Maybe you were right and i was wrong
But nonetheless this is my final song... about you
Tired of thinking about memories
Laughing at your plastic head
Even after all that we've been through
Nothing can change the fact
That i walked the path
And i was happy to see it through

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