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My name is Captain Jack

It's a dark night around the world
And the evil powers are in charge
You better run run for your life
We'll get you out of there

So we are here
To save the world again
We are secret agents on tour again
So we are here
To save the world again
We are secret agents side by side

Rap 1:
Secret again Capt. Jack
Don't be scared, don't look back
Under cover through the land
I'm your secret agent man
Feel my beat go through your veins
I will make you go insane

Spying spying through the night
Everything will be all right

Refrain: ......

Rap 2:
Secret agent Capt. Jack
Keep on going, I'll be back
Running through the city lights
Secret agent man in sight
Life will never be teh same
This is not a fucking game

Running running for your life
You don't even have a knife

Refrain: ......

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