Viva la Vida Lyrics

Captain Jack

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length: 3:37

* Ay-ay-ay-ay
Viva la vida
Five girls on the left side
And sex on the ride
We're singin' e viva la vida

* Repeat

I woke up tonight
Some shimmering light
From somewhere I heard music playing
The party, the people were swaying
And what I saw made me believing

We dance through the night
The stars shining bright
Had whine and some cool margaritas
All over him - nice senoritas
The rising sun shines and we're singing

* Repeat (x2)

The sand warm and fine
This boy should be mine
His loins made me feel like hot chilli
His body - his shoulders - his willy
And everything he is the biggest

He asked for a walk
He stolen my heart
Then he held me tight - made me study
The glistening sweat - on his body
This holidays rules like no other

* Repeat (x2)

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