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Album: Track 16 on So Much Better
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One heart,
One life,
And a love that was meant to,
Be my…one wife,
I really hope that we make it,
Two kids…in two years,
…and we ain't worried because the greatest time is yet to come,
And we live a life in love…

I'm on my way,
That's where I started from,
Been away for too long,
I wanna come back,
It's where the heart is,
Where all the people I love live…

For three days and three nights,
I've been away from my babies,
I'm wondering, what you're doing now,
Cause everything that I'm doing,
Is for love,
And for life,
…so don't you worry because the greatest time is yet to come,
And we live this life in love


Through love comes changing people,
Sometimes we need to understand and let it be,
But throughout all these changes,
You put your pride inside for me when I'm in need,
Oh I wanna come back home!!


In my home, (home)
There's my wife,
And my babies, yes they are (home)
Standing waiting for me, at home(home)
Can't wait 'til I see you again, (home)
Where all the people I love live, (home)
This is my life,
I wanna come back home,(home)
Oh yeah, (home)
Said I wanna come back home, (home)
Where all the people I love live
Family, yeah, yea

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