Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Life as We Know It Lyrics

Writer(s) : Johnson, Carolyn Dawn / Black, Charlie
Artist: Carolyn Dawn Johnson Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Dress Rehearsal
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I wake up with the sun on my face
On the edge of the bed, babe you're taking up all the space
I roll you over then I give you a kiss
Meet you in the middle
That's where all the fun is

Life as we know it
It's going good
That's an understatement
It's going better than I ever thought it could
Never been so happy, so content
Oh, I wish I could freeze this moment
Life as we know it, now

You're doing dishes if I'm cooking the meal
We got an understanding, and it's a pretty good deal
We read our books at each end of the couch
No conversation needed
To stay in touch in this house


I whisper, I love you
You tell me, you love me too
It's so easy, so simple
I wonder why we didn't think of this before


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