Carpe Tenebrum - The Painting Lyrics

Artist: Carpe Tenebrum Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Mirrored Hate Painting
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you can't run from me anymore
I've loved you with forever
as I saw you at the door.

And she screams as he tells her who she is
reaps at the void she never touched
knowing the creature writhes away
while the lust for the strains.

And he screams at you hurting his pain
remember the void touch his knife (they tell her)
touch his pain this hurt to familiar...

The drain realms suffocate
the power generates the look sees beyond
and you want to touch his painting his painting...
but the liquid is poison the poison
poisonous as the mirror you saw before
and confusion and the self rising

-the confusion-
like a dark, winged reaper
that you knew it all before
that you love in the dark
that you
the look sees beyond

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