Cars Can Be Blue Abortion Lyrics

Artist: Cars Can Be Blue
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Album: Track 11 on All the Stuff We Do

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It's been six weeks since I bled through my hole
Eating for two and I'm still never full
Throw up everyday in the toilet bowl
All because my boyfriend didn't pull out his pole

Well, her figure just keeps getting bigger
Bigger everyday
And I think maybe we gotta kill that baby
Before it gets in the away

We weren't cautious
Now I feel nauseas, nauseas everyday
I think maybe we should kill that baby
Before it gets in the way

I can hear him crying even though he's not born
Yes, we should have stuck to masturbating with porn
Have no health insurance 'cause I'm working part-time
Gotta kill this baby before it's a crime

Well, I'm no cynic
Gotta drive to the clinic
Spend all the money I've made
I think maybe that killing this baby
Is the best choice we ever made
Is the best choice we ever made
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