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I can't believe how th fuck you got me
and how the hell you love me this way (this way)
I can't do it without you babe (do it without you babe)
Don't ever leave, cause its so sweet,
how you love me this way (this way)
I can't do it without you babe (do it without you babe)
Verse 1:
It's the special way we touch
How you cater to my needs (my needs)
And the way you show you care for me (show you care for me)
It's the look in your eyes
When you tell me that you're mine
And the way you're always there for me (for me)
It's no wonder why I feel this way
Thought about this love of ours
How intense it really is
And I figured it out,
I'll never find better love than the love you give
Bet ya, can't think without you
Not a doubt, that you're the one I need
Look How Far we've come, since day one
This is how it's supposed to be
Verse 2:
It's the burning deep inside
It's too hard to be denied
It's the feeling when you're right there to hold me (right there to hold me)
And incase you ever have a doubt
I want to let you know this right now
I'm Yours, you give me all the reason I need
Verse 3:
Don't know what I'd do if
I didn't have you with me
Don't think I could make it
Through a single day without you (2x)
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