Casting Crowns White Dove, Fly High Lyrics

Artist: Casting Crowns
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Han up she jayoo lo ee
Choom choo myu nali nae

Bee dul gee ya!
Bee dul gee ya!
duh no pee nal ah la

Nae jo gook ee po leun ha naneul
Gooleumee heuleejee ahngeh

High up in the blue sky
Wings of hope are spreading wide
A white dove is dancing
Flying free and happily

White dove,
White dove,
Flying higher and higher

Lest my country's clean and blue skies
Should be cloudy and grey.

푸르른 하늘가에
희망의 나래 펴고
한없이 자유로이
춤추며 날으네,

더 높이 날아라

내 조국의 푸른하늘
구름이 흐리지 않게

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