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Ooooooh oooh hmmmmmm

My, love old fashioned,
But it still works, just the way it is.
This love is classic
And that just simply because,
I say it is

It's right on time (right on time)
And it's timeless (timeless)
It will be right here for always

My love's old fashioned (oooh)
So be it, I'm set in my ways
Hush child, just listen (hhmm)
Gonna sound just like the good old days

Well it's right on time (right on time)
And it's timeless (timeless)
It'll be right here, for always
My love's right on time (right on time)
And it's timeless (timeless)
I'll be right here, for always.

People they gather around, and they wonder how (hhhmmmm)
Are we in love, right here and now
I just smile 'cause true love that doesn't grow out of style.

Oooooooh ooooo! (right on time)
Oooooo, yeah,
Oohh time, oooww timeless
I'll be here, for always

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