Cee Lo Green - Young Man (Sierra's Song) Lyrics

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Hey baby, hey baby, hey

Hey there young man
It seems like your sight's been blinded
Oh, how I wish you could see
The very life that you're lived been tailored by many
An' mixed in ability

Oh, I wish you'd do more than just keepin' it real
Why don't you try bein' true?
One song could save the life
Of the young ones dependin' on you
Hey, young man

Hey, young man, I understand why you so angry
I grew up exactly the same
Daddy was gone, so you had to find your own way
An' he's convenient to blame

Despite those circumstances, don't you stop standin'
Don't give up whatever you do
'Cause just like you once were
Now your son is dependin' on you
Hey young man

Hey there young man, why degrade your only sister
An' call them *****es an' whores?
What if one day someone feels the same way
About that daughter of yours?

Oh, if you had one inklin' of an idea
Of what they had to go through
Of course she's strong
But she's still dependin' on you
Hey young man, hey young man

Hold on
Well, well, well, well
Alright y'all

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