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Album: Track 2 on The Embraced
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A settled fog over jagged crags spread everywhere with the black dead seed
Screams of The Demons, Screams of The Virgins
lying naked to be martyred for her sins
made Her more cruel, completely insane
Forest shed Her, forest whispered her name
at midnight on Christmas Eve she arose from her grave

She longed for blood, erotic dark dreams
dancing macabre she went them into bliss
Spellbound by her they led Her come in
Her love was for blood, from whisper to scream

The Sorcerers of The Dark - Invoke! To The Devil!
that he restores to life that woman who brought
Her orchirds to world and bewitched with her beauty
to make them enthralled

Still in Fever I can't fall asleep
dreaming of Her
Lusting Her and ready to give my blood for Love of Devil's Whore

In eerie night, in awful sleep - wolf's howl reminds me
this forgotten tale, Countess in blood - result of Cruelty
Auspicious night, beneath the stars Her beauty comes to light
From ancient times she comes as beast to bring to world her blight

If only I could have kissed Her sweetest lips to be benigthed once
and forevermore
I would have given my blood for Her love if only I could have been with Her
Blood For Love

Her time had passed a fable versed Her life condemned by pulpit curse
But truth of Her it lives on lips of libertine, on Christmas Eve
It will be coming from Past to light

Dreams of Her will remain the dreams and won't be seen by eyes
But time will come a beast returns as soon as she will call me beneath
the winter skies under December Moon

[06 February 1999]

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