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i'm not clear how it is i ended up here dej?
vu-think of you now so far, once so near
tangled in my own reflection--on the way down
with my hands on my mind i hold wounds that
won't mend with my eyes opened wide i can see
it's the end... tangled in my imperfections--on
the way down
don't hate me now--they've torn away the
ground from under me right after they were
reassured that i believed normality is not a
word i understand at all i set myself up for the
fall withdrawing deep into the hole this
isolated little cell leaves me cold and faded
i'm my one and only friend
i am my worst enemy - i find new methods to
pretend that this is not reality
don't be lonely--now i'm your only... just stay
far away from me when i fadeaway from me
decline--more whine--deadline all mine.

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