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Album: Track 5 on Cockahoop
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Only a fool to stick by your side

Struck by your change of heart
Straight into your arms
Like a newborn child
Straight into those open arms

I'm only a fool to stick by your side
Struck by your change of heart
Every day and every night
Try as I might
You're my black and you're my white

I've got eyes on you
Like you want me to

So I creep by your side no great surprise
All for your sweet surrender
The morning stands still
Won't let me in
And nobody hears me try

I need you, I need you
Oh I need you
Like I need salt in my water-
Salt in my wounds ,but I stay
'cause I'm only a fool
To stick by your side
Struck by that changing heart

Straight into your arms,
Your broken arms
Straight into your open arms,
I never look behind
'cause I'm only a fool,
I'm only a fool

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