Chaka Khan - Angel Lyrics

Writer(s) : Wright, James / Unknown, Writers
Artist: Chaka Khan Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Funk This
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Troubled little angel
Inconsistent flying blind most of the time
Drama queen

Preening and untangling
Feathers in her wings
Captured by her dreams
Desperately she sings

Needy little baby
Open up your heart
Don't you be afraid to feel
Needy little baby
Hiding' deep inside
Don't you know your love can heal

Troubled little angel
Flying blind most of the time
Don't know who to be (Yeah)
Always rearranging the wreckage of her life
Ever holding tight to the hope that she'll be free


I'm talking to you angel
Deep inside of me
I'm talking to you angel
One day you'll be free

Angel (Angel)
Angel (Angel)
Deep inside of me (Inside, inside)
Talking to you angel (Angel)
Angle (Angel)
You'll be free

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