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Just wanted you to know, the kid you beat up at the show,
he just happened to be my brother.
It was his first but, I don't think there will be another.
Because of you and all your friends,
you made sure he knew where he didn't fit in.

Is this what it comes to?
I thought we dropped this shit in high school?
Just wanted to thank you for intimidating everyone in the scene,
are the doors closed?
No more applicants being accepted

Just wanted to thank you for being the jock I always hated in high school.
Now here's another story to tell all of your friends.
Tell them how you brought hardcore to an end
for the kid that thought he had found something new,
what if this happened to you?

When you first started coming around
and we made you feel like you couldn't be down,
my guess is that you wouldn't be down.
It's time to give it up
because I've had enough of your shit and the kids you beat up on,
it's not about who's been here and for how long,
since when did style and social status decide whether you can like a band,
what about what's inside?

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