Chantal Kreviazuk - Grace Lyrics

Writer(s) : KREVIAZUK
Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Under These Rocks and Stones
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Please don't go
I cannot breath you in
Your air is too thick for me and it makes my lungs sting
Please don't go
I cannot walk beside
Think I'll stay behind a mile 'cause I don't need you crampin' my style
You still have grace
You still have mercy to keep kissing my face even though I am wrong
Please don't go
Without you I am weak
Find myself drinking and sinking and seeking
Please don't go
Sometimes it gets so cold, but I'd rather grab for a blanket then walkin' into your comfort zone.
I know I've wronged you
I know I've hurt you so many times
I hope I haven't scared you
If you keep kissing my face
one day I'll no longer do you wrong.

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