Cherish - Damages Lyrics

Artist: Cherish Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Truth
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I really think that you must be out yo mind
Or forgot to tell the time
Judgin' by the way you came in
But today I woke up on the wrong side
You should check the? side
You'll see that I cleaned out ya closet

It seems like you wanna go
So I'm a let you go
So let me help you out and, I'll walk you to the door
You shoulda' left a long time ago
There's nothin' left for me to start all over

No more tryin' to fix what's unfixable
No need to try and cure the impossible
So do what you want to
You can choose what you want to
If you tried to loose me then it worked cause the damage is done...
The damage the damage, the damage is done [Repeat x4]

Bet you thought that when you left id cry
Truth it baby I'm fine
Happy that I got rid of you
Go ahead and leave the keys to my ride
Cab is waitin' outside
Once again I'm way ahead of you

I know you wanna go
So I'm a let you go
I'll do just fine without you
Already movin' on
I shoulda' left a long time ago
But it's not too late to start all over

[Chorus: x2]

I'm better now, now your gone...

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