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Artist: Cherish Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on The Truth
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[Verse 1]
Lights dimmed.
Candles lit.
Your car pulls up.
And then you walk in.
I can see the look on your face.
I know you 'bout to ruin my day.
Then you get to spittin' lines.
Something like this comes a time.
Blood rush to my head.
I start shaking.
Right now my heart is aching.

(Thump, thump, thump)
That's when you said and my heart thumped to a thousand beats a second.
(Thump, thump, thump)
Gotta catch my breath.
(Ha, ha)
Cause there's nothing left.
(Thump, thump, thump)
All these years that I've been down.
How you gonna leave me now?
All that's left is regret.
Wish I never met you.
Can't believe I was a fool.

You got my heart beating like a drum.
Tell me where did this come from?
Thinking that I'm a have your baby.
Now you're telling me something crazy.
What am I suppose to do?
How do I live without you?
Can't believe you're saying that we're done.
You got my heart beating like a drum.
(Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump)
Like a drum.
(Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump)
Like a drum.
(Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump)
Like a drum.
(Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump)
Oh, oh, oh.

[Verse 2]
Now I'm sitting here so confused.
Thinking 'bout what the hell I'm gone do.
How can I live without your love?
My body's yearning for you touch.
Thought you said I would be your wife.
Ride or die.
Me and you for life.
Forever you and I.
I was thinking, now our ship is sinking.



I still can't see how, how I couldn't see the signs.
And how I wasn't warned.
Why the only man I ever loved would break my heart?
Tell me where do I go from here?
And how do I move on?
You're the only thing I've known.
Baby, your house is my home.
How could I lose you?
I won't go.
I refuse to.
Cause I can't stop thinking 'bout you.
Dreaming 'bout you.
See, how could I ever live without you?
Seems like the right words are hard to find.
To help you change your mind.
For you baby, I'll fight.
Cause I need you in my life.


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