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Album: Track 4 on Unappreciated
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I'm feeling really unappreciated
You takin' my love for granted, babe
I don't know how much more
I can take from you
You don't do the things you use to do
You don't even say I love you too
And lately I've been feeling
Feeling unappreciated

Woke up this morning and saw your face
And you didn't look the same as yesterday
I got the feeling that you can't seem to see
What you want to be
And lately it ain't been the same at all
When you're here, it's like I'm invisible
I still can't seem to see where I went wrong
Cause I'm feeling


Lately our house is not a home
You come in, take a shower, and then say I'm gone
What am I to do with my heart?
Just leave, but my feet won't move
Today is our anniversary
And you haven't even said two words to me
I'm trying hard to give you another chance
But, oh, baby, I'm feeling


Oh, when I first met you
I thought you was the most perfect man
That I ever seen
I still don't understand why
You treat me like you do
I used to give into your lust
Now I see the truth
Oh, no, I don't want to hear it all though
Yeah, I know I'll still be missing you
And it's not worth the pain
That came from you
You made me feel


Don't love me no more
Hey, woo, hoo
I'm feeling unappreciated

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