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In this place feel the empty space
Your love holds the key, baby…
In this place full of empty space
Your soul contain the love, the love will shine for me.

Oh, get a look at my watch
Over that stove, get a look at that pot
Uh, get a look at the hood
4800 I’ll be up in that block
Uh, you know they wilding shooting
Crazy they’ll be killing shit
Young niggas fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, AK's with banana clips
Getting high than the mother fuckers and their moms never know about it
Should I love my city, should I love my hood
I’m just trying to make it out it
See all these money right here that i'm spending old money from my past life shit
Everybody talking green but them nigga don’t ever go like this
Two Chainz with a gloc, duffle bag pulling money, tell me who can I lean on
Smell that Cali in the air, you can smell it, it ain't even lit
Man, that weed is strong! And you know that’s TGOD
Got me in a booth about the OD
Many fucked up boys don’t know me, uh

(Aha, I had to act another one)

In this place (it’s real here)
feel the empty space (so how the fuck they feel here?)
Your love holds the key, baby…
(say, two joints, twenty two bars and a hood, my nigger)
In this place full of empty space (yeah, I’m on my shit)
Your soul contain the love, the love will shine for me.
(Roll another one)

Get money, young nigga
I’ve been getting money since I was young nigga
Dirty money young nigga
Now a nigga got a lot of bank funds, nigga!
Fucks wrong with you. niggas
Matter fact I don’t care what’s wrong with you niggas
38 snub what I long for these niggas
I ain’t got no love, broke a heart for these niggas!
Fucking right, Up in that court
You know damn well, I’mma ball with my niggas
Think I like B way everybody talk a shit
Tell me, am I wrong for trying to ball with my nigga?
And that’s South beach that ganza port on that top floor
Popping champagne, it’s the life you chose, man
What a fuck is you here for?
Huh, just the question that I got for you
Since you worry about everything I do
Them cars out, my jewelery out, my bitch bad, her bags real nigga, I don’t give a fuck how you feel!

In this place (killing these niggas, man!)
feel the empty space (no prince, I hadn’t had shit to do with it)
Your love holds the key, baby… (oh man)
(It’s one thing I wish for no man, that’s Jail
In this place full of empty space
Your soul contain the love, the love will shine for me.

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