Fashion Rules Lyrics

Chicks on Speed

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writers: Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Kathrin Moorse, Thies Muenther, Tobias Neumann
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You fashion people in your camouflage wear
You think you're really quite up there
But the fashions you wear aren't so cool
You really should go back, you're old school
And Martin hides behind our stripes
The T-shirts yeah! that's what she likes
Nicking off with logos at cartier
The grand mister D, or Charly, some say


Dress-up dummies for a little while
Crashed the crash party in real chicks style
Karl and his lens they like to watch
King of the thing
But we don't give a ****
Gucci's got the monopoly
Fifty handbags - that's victim's luxury
Voguefied in 01, enough of that fake, it's said and done

Fashion is for fashion people
It's hard to be cool if you don't follow these rules
Fashion is for fashion people
Get out there now and break the rules

[Repeat Chorus]


Bless your dress, you're out of style
You're a brainwash victim for a while
Off with their heads is what we say
After marie antoinette it's the only way

You're a model and you walk the beat
They even told you what to eat
Bacteria inbred in fashion schools
Get out there now and break the rules

[Repeat Chorus]

It's hard

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