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Beatbox: Doug E. Fresh
Oh no (hey yeah)
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no (ooh, ooh, oh)
Oh no (say what? say what?)
Oh no (say what?)
Oh no, no, no, no, no
(What'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do?)

Lady you've been on some bullshit
Listening to your jealous friends
Don't you think I woulda left a long time ago?
Uh, it's been six months
I work hard to make the ends meet
And what's bad, you got the nerve to disrespect me
Your girlfriends wish they had
One half of what you have

1 - [Chico & Joe]
You don't understand
The make up of a man
If I treat you like a dog
Then you want to stay
If I treat you like a woman
Then you want to walk away
I don't understand, listen to your man

2 - I'm your man, baby
You're my girl, lady
Tell me what does that mean to you
In a middle of a fuss
Tell me who you're gonna trust
You cousin's baby's momma's best friend?
Listen to your man

You say I am only just a loser
I'm gonna use you, they got your mind twisted
You messed up, broke our contract
What's up with that?
Don't know what to do
It's unusual how they run your life
And behind your back they're telling lies

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 (2x)
(Think) Think about it baby
(Think) Think, think, think about it baby
(Think) Think, think, think about it baby, whoa

(Think) Hey think about it
(Think) One more time
(Think) Two more times, had enough baby
(Think) Of your stuff
(Think) Jealousy
(Think) And envy
Will mostly bring you down

(Think) Jealousy
(Think) And envy
(Think) Look at your friends
(Think) They'll know me
Give me a chance

Listen up baby I'm your man
Listen up babe understand baby
Understand your man

(Think) Think about it
(Think) I work too hard
(Think) I pay the bills I work too hard
(Think) I pay the bills
(Think) Come on baby
(Think) Come on baby
(Think, think, think)
(Think) Think about it
(Think) Think about it
(Think) Think about it
(Think) Think about it baby

Repeat 2 (2x) with ad libs
Listen, your man ain't your man unless he wants to be there
Think about, think about your choice of friends
Cause you give up running and booze that don't mean jack
If you knew what you got you would trust your respect
If you can not trust in maybe you should leave it

Repeat 2 with ad libs until fade

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