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Great fire conflagration, annual dressage championship
Twenty-six shattered dreams of Euro regulations
A spirit yet a woman too, household emotions light and free
Killed off by a combination of thirty-four evil years

If you apologize, we could leave this all behind
When you say goodbye, we could leave this all behind

Praise, blame, love and kisses, swathes a man for all his lot
Homeless Halford, twenty-nine, he is sleeping rough
He can take advice, when success turns a person's head
The more you're leaving things to chance
The more the chance is less

And it hurts, and it hurts, and it hurts inside
Everything you do and everything you say
Is just another waste of time

Standing on your dignity, money may buy those friends
But it affords a better class of enemy
Kindness is a language that
The deaf can hear and the blind can see
So be a self-made man and don't leave out the parts

You polish everything to shine
I can't believe your stupid mind
You take things far too deeply now
Find another sacred cow

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