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Feat. Nicki Minaj

Till you get it, Imma get it
Till you get it, Imma get it
Till you get it

He don't know me, but he's enough to blow me
Set my 20 picture man, and then they own me
....fucking now about to blow me
Okay, don''re compile
I hope you pack inside the mutherfucker compiler
But is it that you never thought, gangsta Lee?
He had the rose and his boys, the tone in his voice
The one that boom boom, hoes in his shoes
Dip my H, mouth full open
Ass so smoking
Ass turning covers to ELLE magazine
Boom boom boom
Get gasoline
Now get bing, I got these niggers with
Gimme gimme gimme right
We gonna make some love
Till you get it, Imma get it

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