Chris Cornell - Scar on the Sky Lyrics

Writer(s) : Cornell, Chris
Artist: Chris Cornell Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Carry On
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As I fall I leave a scar upon the sky
A simple note for you I wait for your reply
And in your answer I regain the will to to try

Hover in the diving light
We will rip the night
Out of the arms of the sun
One more time
Close your eyes and we will fly
Above the crowded sky
And over the dumbstruck world we will run

In these hills they wash the gold and graves away
To the valley under all of this I lay
And there you dig me out, unearthed and saved


We can rip the night out of the arms of the sun

A blood red feather leaves a scar upon my hand
No longer stranded like a painted bird on a fan


We can rip the night out of the arms of the sun [Repeat: x3]

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