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Chris Isaak Except the New Girl Lyrics

Artist: Chris Isaak Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on San Francisco Days
Length: 3:20

Drive your mustang down, to where you hang out
Alone without a friend
Girls walk by you, some in fact have tried you
But once they tried they never tried again

Except the new girl
Except the new girl

Alone and lonesome, trusting no one they say
You've never had a friend
People talk about you, they say they doubt you really
Ever let anybody in


I guess there's never been anyone
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Last time I saw him, he was laughing
She was standing by his side
I've got a feeling, that they're still together
From the look that was in his eyes
There's no one


See him smile, he don't care
Says he loves her, and he'll always love her
See him smile, it seems fair
That he finally found her, finally hold her
There's no one


Except the new girl
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