Christ Agony - Demon's Lover Lyrics

Artist: Christ Agony Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Elysium
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Roses bloom
On your dead body
Are the powers of hell still here?
Are angel voices reaching
Your dead ears?...

Roses bloom
On your dead body
Do you still remember the taste of blood?
Do you remember when life
Was smouldered in vain?...

Your black eyes
Closed to the world
Your black lips
Closed to people
Your black tears
Falling down your face
Showing life
On the dark side...

Roses bloom
On your dead body
Do you still exist?
Is dead licking your womb?

Raise your hand!
Let me see your life
Raise your blood!
Let it flow
Show if you are
Death's lover!
Show if you are
Demon's lover!

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