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Artist: Christian Kjellvander Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Faya
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Humble me as if I were ten
unfulfilled dreams and captains
in a distorted reverie I made out her call
the vastest desert of them all
drawn, shiny calm, to your mystery
I wanted revenge
but so, so did she
"I am the eldest of three sisters
born down around the roaring forties
I have been sent to be your mistress
young man you're coming down with me"
So I recited from my rut, still undecided in my gut
how I wish, it was enough for me - the love of a family
"we could so easily enjoy you
and easier we could destroy you
me and my sisters never age
me and my sisters rage"
ok, lord grant us a daughter of our own
we'd name her fire, because the water is worn

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