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Artist: Christian Kjellvander Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on I Saw Her From Here / I Saw Here From Her
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Too afraid to make mistakes and bleed
There's someone who means way too much to me
There's a million different ways and scenes to live
She's asking me for something I can't give
I don't drink to escape, The misconception swells
But when I drink is the only time I don't wish I was somewhere else
This town you have is calm and beautiful
And I don't know anyone here at all
I could drive forever on this beach
But consequence is all I'll ever reach
I don't move to seek, The misconseption swells
But when I move is the only time I don't wish I was somewhere else
Surenderous eyes and of the smoothest skin
Reminding me of places I'ven't been
And we so often mean what we don't say
But the serious game's a game and that's its way
I don't love to be loved, The misconception swells
But when I love, Truly love, I wish I wasn't somewhere else
Tried to poison you in me, Oh and still resamble dignity
These are happy times of bloom
As we both leave this thing with empty wombs
And I'm not afraid to die, The misconception swells
But when I die, Won't be the first time, I wish that I was somewhere else

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