Christopher Cross Ride Like the Wind Lyrics

Artist: Christopher Cross
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Writer(s): Christopher Cross
Released: February 15, 1980
Recorded: 1979
Genre: Pop rock, soft rock, disco
Length: 3:56
Label: Warner Music Group
Producer(s): Michael Omartian
Format: 7" single
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It is the night
My body's weak
I'm on the run
No time for sleep
I've got to ride
Ride like the wind
To be free again

And I've got such a long way to go
To make it to the border of Mexico
So I'll ride like the wind
Ride like the wind

I was born the son of a lawless man
Always spoke my mind with a gun
in my hand
Lived nine lives
Gunned down ten
Gonna ride like the wind

Accused and tried and told to hang
I was nowhere in sight when the
Church bells rang
Never was the kind to do as I
was told
Gonna ride like the wind before I
get old
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