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Artist: Cindy Alexander Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on See Red
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Lizard flicked his tongue at the chowder queen She was concentrating straddling his need I knocked over my inhibitions Mona needs attention so she licks the mic Marty's on guitar says yeah, that's my wife He's a bad excuse for a Hollywood musician Time trippin' after sex Smoke a load of someone else's Mess my hair up

CHORUS: Hey Bardealer You be my healer Somebody get me out of the hole I'm in I'll be damned I'm diggin' this band Everybody's bombed here at the Dresden

Betty's bending over She knows she's bad She'll make the money cuz they like her ass She sends 'em cocktails on intuition I'm stuck to the vinyl 'til I'm asked to dance by a gold chained foreigner with satin pants He moves in with blind ambition Time trippin' after sex Smoke a load of someone else's mess my mind up


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