Citizen King - Closed For The Weekend Lyrics

Artist: Citizen King Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Mobile Estates
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Where I come from stealing's like giving
Make a robin hood living eight days out
Of the week at the fat lace pace I race the
Ease back disorderly conduct in a
Catatonic state of relax in the brass
Knuckle turnbuckle I drink the daydream
Up all night on a cloud getting even louder
Than before what about it what can you
Do closed for the weekend speak before
I drink and drink before I speak
Developments arrested by speech and no
Action noise complaints from the
Neighbors next door might as well lay off
The bell cause I won't turn it down closed
For the weekend Saturday and Sunday too
A two-day wait with a one-room view on
The freeze for a stunt turn on the green
When Monday comes

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