Clay Aiken - Lover all Alone Lyrics

Artist: Clay Aiken Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on On My Way Here
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Maybe I've convinced myself
I've really been in love
And I've been wrong all along

For all I know the feeling and the picture
That I've tried so hard to find
Isn't mine

Could be it's all just a waiting game
Want to share my everything

And on my own it's hard
To tell my heart it'll be alright
This love it holds
Will one day find a home
As hard as love can be
It's harder still it seems
To be a lover all alone without love

Picking up the pieces makes me wonder if
I only build it all to watch it fall
The faster it can go away it means
The less of me is gone to stay
And I'm OK

But lonesome tomorrow comes anyway
I'm alone for another day, another day

[Chorus: x2]

A lover all alone... Without love

Maybe I've convinced myself
I've really been in love
But I've been wrong
All along

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