Clint Black - Where Are You Now Lyrics

Artist: Clint Black Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Put Yourself in My Shoes
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Maybe I took for granted
You'd be around
To pick me up on my way down
I thought my feet were planted
Firmly on the ground
'Til one day my whole world came unwound
And like a ball of yarn
Kept neatly on a spool
You held the life together
Of this broken hearted fool
And what once was the exception
Now seems to be the rule

And there's a burnin' question
A fire in my mind
You always had the answers
The ones I couldn't find
So all I'm askin'
Is where are you now?

What Father Time would sell me
I'd take it all
If only you'd come back around
But then if time should spell me
Well I might take the call
But there's no way of knowin' where I'm bound
So here comes another
Fine mess I've got into
And if I knew which way to turn
I'd still turn to you
So if everything is said and done
What am I supposed to do?

And that's the burnin' question
On fire in my mind
You always had the answers for me
Time after time
So all I'm askin'
Is where are you now?
All I'm askin'
Is where are you now?

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