Cloud Cult - The Ghost Inside Our House Lyrics

Artist: Cloud Cult Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)
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we saw a ghost inside our house
who wasn't wishful thinking
oh god, don't leave us by ourselves
or we're bound to take up drinking
please send us a miracle
so i know that there is meaning
except i think that it's a miracle
just to be breathing
so live on
baby live on
live on
baby live on
packed up my clothes
in a grocery bag
I'm going to find the creator
an old man in the clouds
or a happy little alien
whoever it is
i need to thank them
and even though i don't know god
I'm happy with the mystery
and I'm certain that i feel it
every time that you sing to me
it's songs
life is like a song
it's a song
a humble song
i watched you sleeping until five am
cause i want to be part of your dreaming
oh love don't leave me by myself
or I'm bound to lose my meaning
we'll start a little family
and call it our religion
hunt for ghosts inside our house
because we'll never give up wishing
baby live on
baby live on
in our song
in our humble song

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