Cobra Skulls - I'll Always Be a Cobra Skull (Folk Off!) Lyrics

Artist: Cobra Skulls Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Sitting Army
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when I get home
I'm going to pick up that old guitar bass of mine
and take it for a walking down a bass line
I'll take my girl and show her
how to make up for lost time when I get home
and pick up that old guitar bass of mine

when I get back
we'll make up for the loving that we lack
I'll tell you about my traveling down a railroad track
I know you turn to leave is coming
I hoe you can pack, I'll still be playing
that same old guitar bass when you get back

when you are gone
I'll play this song to keep me warm
I'll play this song and it'll mend me when I'll torn
so if you feel a cold wind blow
and have no shelter from the storm
remember this song to keep you warm

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