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And I know my friends
And I know my enemy's
And I know one day peace will come to them (repeat)
There's no need for this illusion meant my friends
(And I know my enemy's)
Time has come for lucidity, now begin
(And I know my enemy's) (repeat)
I've got to feel, I want to feel
I've got to see, I want to see
Just need to head, I want to hear
I've got to be, just let me be
Yes we're coming round to deliver
We'll get it in, put it in yar
It's all around, all around yar
I've got to feel, I want to feel
(I don't want to be)
I've got to be, I want to be
(I don't want to be)
Just need to hear, I want to hear
Sounds like lies, who denies
Sounds like lies, who denies
Sounds like lies
Change me into
Change me out of a man, a man, a man
Dah check your logistic statistics
Check your logistic statistics (repeat)
I'm holding onto your eyes (repeat)

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