Coko - Try-Na Come Home Lyrics

Artist: Coko Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Hot Coko
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Oh, ooh, whoa
Yeah, yeah

Word is that I was tripping
You're looking so fly, dripping
Those loafers I bought you last week
You know the one's, green, suede Gucci
Got off of work early one day
Went to the mall to get a shirt to match your suede
But when I pulled into the driveway
You was hearing her shout
And looking my way babe

1 - Why you keep trying to come home
When you know you got another girl that you want
And you keep blowing up my cellular phone
Trying to come home, home
Caught you on my caller i.d.
Remember so you can chase after me
Why you keep blowing my cellular phone
You're tyring to come home, home

You must have thought just maybe

Trying to be lying doing Eddie Murphy
But I saw you minute, and I saw her one minute
You was lip locked one minute, could it be?
And I guess it wasn't you who spent the time with me
And I guess it wasn't you who had them set of keys
And it damn sure wasn't you
Who was trying to get up on me, seven days a week
Believe me it's not easy

Repeat 1

You can tell me what you want
Just pack your things and gitty up
Don't make me call the fuzz and make complaints
I'll make you wish you would shrink
You can tell me what you want
Just pack your things and gitty up
You can go back to your ways
And leave me here, you'll get replaced

Repeat 1

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