Colby O'Donis - Saved You Money Lyrics

Writer(s) : O'DONIS, COLBY
Artist: Colby O'Donis Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Colby O
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Whats up Akon
Colby o
Its what you wanted to say
Kovict music
Whoa oh

Shorty got stach shorty got back don't
Need a man got two Cadillac's 22's max subs in the back
This girl ain't promiscuous I know that for a fact (oh).
Yet shes the type to drain your wallet all your earnings too.
Shell suck up acting like shes gonna give it to you.

Shell step up turn around and tell you why (why)
Why she wants to take you home to make you her new guy (guy)
But that's the trick she does to every victim that is why (why) (why)
If you don't run she will own all your money.
Take it to the floor want to know the girl or no?
Shell be fast to hit the go might as well just close the door
Homie you should be my homie cause I saved you money yeah oh.

You want to experience what i've been through (honestly I talk to you)
Cause I know exactly what shes gonna do shes gonna take you
For a ride cause she don't care what she does to your love (your love)
This is what shes gonna do


Shell let you wack that tap that she ain't gonna back
That even if you roll the 20 inches on her back
Then roll and spin drinking juice and gin get you laughing
Acting like you was in acting you ain't getting nothing
And that's a proven fact and roll with me and soon you'll see


I saved you money man

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