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Album: Track 6 on Colby O
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First kiss, when I touched your lips I admit I was nervous baby,
My friend, the only one that I could share my heart with baby,
We rushed too fast into this, only in time will tell
Cause we don't know if love will affect our friendship, it's a risk though,
It's a risk that I want to take, cause baby you know
That I'll never leave your side cause girl I've realized that

You've been under my nose, my nose
After everything we've been through,
You've been under my nose, my nose
I can't believe I overlooked you,
Right under my nose my nose
Momma I had you steady searching,
For something that's been here all along

It was like I was panning for gold,
When I had a diamond mine just waiting at home
It took forever to see that you were the match for me
I never saw this coming, no (I love you baby)
Can't stop it's not exactly the truth, I've always been attracted to you
But I didn't want to ruin what we had, the thought of losing you, it made me sad
We rushed too fast into this, only in time will tell

[Chorus: x2]

Girl you know you that you are mine
(Whoa baby) I never saw a girl like you

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