Cold Chisel - My Baby Lyrics

Writer(s) : Macon, Antoine / Griffin, Rahman / Moss, Shad Gregory / Austin, Johnta / Bowser, Ryan
Artist: Cold Chisel Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on East
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My baby, my baby
My baby, my baby

I know this little girl she's quite a picture
I do my very best oh boy to keep her
She's got what it takes to warm my soul
Maybe it's because she wears no makeup
Doesn't think she's got the legs that shape up
She can't rock but boy she can roll
I know I got

My baby, my baby

She's all that I need
Hanging around
She's all I need
She makes my world feel so good to me
We turn on in the most peculiar places
Many people turn with bowed red faces
We don't care what they say all the same

I got this little girl she's quite a picture
Ain't no one anywhere ever gonna steal her
She has won my heart I love her so

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