Cold War Kids - Out of the Wilderness Lyrics

Artist: Cold War Kids Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Mine Is Yours
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The crown on my head is heavy on me
They wouldn't know it
Cos they don't wanna see

The skin on my face is turning bright pink
As I walk by the girl's choir whispering

The street that I walk welcomes my feet
With cryptic graffiti greetings to read
The smile on my mouth, it came dirt cheap
I bought it second hand

I will always walk tall
Taller than the clouds
When the rain starts to fall
I come out of the wilderness
To lay by the waterfall

The wires to my head
When I press play
Who's this new prophet
Has she got something to say?
The thoughts in my brain are backfiring
I'm a picture perfect passenger

I will always walk tall
I hold my loneliness up like a medicine ball
I come out of the wilderness to lay by the waterfall
Lighten my load

You expect the worst
You always get your way
These big buildings these little girls
Are giving me a little shade

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