Cold War Kids Something Is Not Right With Me Lyrics

Artist: Cold War Kids
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Length: 2:22

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Something is not right with me! [Repeat: x3]
How was I supposed to know?
Something is not right with me! [Repeat: x3]
Trying not to let it show!

I tried to call you collect
You said you would not accept
Your friends are laughing cause
No body uses pay phones

Gave me quarters to select
So I'm on the jukebox again
People dancing
Should of never chose "Girlfriend"


[Repeat: x3]
Crash into the people who're
Sleeping late into the evening
Reach behind they can hardly find their spines

You said you do like because
I try to be the best of
It was smokey but it died in your front yard

You find out who's dating who
But when it comes to you
Hope is pulling punches
With different ways in my mind