Pan Opticon Lyrics


album: Track 5 in album Let Us Play
release date: 1997-6-1
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editor: Jon Voda
engineer: Andy Thomas
fiddle: Chris Leslie
strings arranger: Paul Brook
producer: Outer Bongolia, Coldcut
drums: Paul Brook
writer: Jonathan More, Matt Black, Outer Bongolia, Paul Brook

Cover Art

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So many people from so many backgrounds,
so many different experiences, managed to
come together with a common cause and
think as if they were one person"
"When you get to look at what the young
people of the earth are doing now - all the
younger generations here they've all got
your number. You're obsolete - you're already
history - no more of you need come
"Guilty of violence - guilty of violence -
guilty of violence against the earth"
"All that is left is left is a single question - at which
tree do we stop? stop-stop-stop-stop-stop"
"You do not automatically have the right of way"
"This is a handcuff - this is what you have
to do to try and stay in your house when
they're coming in to take you out - one of
us puts our hand in this side, one in the
other side, click a small handcuff in the
middle, so that our hands are joined. So
that our hands are joined"
"Lock on for what you believe in"
"Till the next time a tree gets in the way of progress"
"We now require you to leave the premises - we now require you to leave
the premises"
"Please be careful"
"Shame on you, shame on you, -repeat"
"Get in the way of progress"
"Lock on for what you believe in"
"Things go in cycles - repeat

Track Listing

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  • 2 Atomic Moog 2000 (Post Nuclear Afterlife Lounge mix)
  • 3 More Beats + Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up mix)
  • 4 Rubaiyat
  • 5 Pan Opticon
  • 6 Music 4 No Musicians
  • 7 Noah's Toilet
  • 8 Space Journey
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