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Artist: Collin Raye Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Extremes
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I'm a man of my word I mean what I say
My pledge is my bond that's just my way
When you've made a promise to someone who's gone
Well that's when forever seems a little too long
I'm a man of my word and I made you a vow
I swore that I'd loved you
And I can't change that now
They tell me I'm free to find someone new

I just don't have the heart
Cause I gave mine to you
I said my love would last for all time
And no one would take your place
Well if that promise was the last sound you heard
Well you know I kept it I'm a man of my word

I'm a man of my word and it's cost me so dear
Cause those words are a prison without you here
And I'll go to my grave with this torch held high
But just once I wish I had told you a lie
I said my love would last,
Yes I'll always love you I'm a man of my word

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