Common Enemy - Heroes In A Halfshell Lyrics

Artist: Common Enemy Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Thrashing Under The Influence
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there's trouble in the big apple and no ones safe they live in fear
crime rates up in the city according to april o'neal
what we need are heroes to protect us from bad guys
sure enough we find these teens the reptilian kind
teenage mutant ninja turtles
heroes in a half shell it's simply plan to see
teenage mutant ninja turtles
shell shock to your system it will leave you digging green
shredders on the loss again he's out to get our turtle friends
he sends the foot to fight his war because he wants revenge
but they're no match for heroes with their martial arts tactics
no matter what he throws at them they always fight and win
leonardo is ready to go!
donatello is behind the wheel!
raphael wants to kick some ass!
michelangelo wants his pizza snack!

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