Common Enemy - Skate That Shit Lyrics

Artist: Common Enemy Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Thrashing Under The Influence
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after work, skate that shit!
after school, skate that shit!
me and my board, skate that shit!
the fucking crew, skate that shit!
skating fast and playing fast,
i'll see the world from the back of a van,
is all i wanna fucking do, i don't care what you think
skate for fun with my friends
is that a good enough reason for you?, i don't care what you say
skate that shit asshole!
day or night, skate that shit!
bombing hills, skate that shit!
empty lots, skate that shit!
taking spills, skate that shit!
you say that i should give up
and you think i'm wasting my time
i didn't ask for your opinion this is my life!
I'm gonna ... skate that shit

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