Common Enemy - Skate The Day Away Lyrics

Artist: Common Enemy Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Thrashing Under The Influence
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it's one o'clock, I just woke up, my head is in a vice
I look outside, the weather's nice, how can I pass the time
I'm thinking hard, nothing so far, the day is almost threw
the bulb went on and then I knew the one thing I must do
skate the day away
I grind the curb and trick the box and skate away the day
I ollie stones and do great stuff and face plant on the way
if you ask and ask just once about why I skate today
it's simply so, I just don't know, "it's fine with me" i'll say
grab your board and go! skate the day!
grab your board!
skate the day!

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